Words of wisdom that will be passed down throughout the ages by our resident poet, Luke Potter.


The weekend is here,
Let’s let out a cheer,
For those brave campers,
And the ones in the Glampers!

It’s a skeleton crew I’m sad to say,
But we’ll all be together another day,
Enjoy the fest and bring winter coats,
And hats and gloves and pool floats!

For if you find yourself frozen inside,
The goats on the roof is a good place to hide,
Your spirits will soar with the company you choose,
But if that doesn’t work there is always the booze!

Check out the pumpkin fest it never flops,
For the love of God don’t forget the shops,
Enjoy all of those stars in the sky,
And make sure that firewood is piled high!

Sit close to the fire and make sure to stay warm,
I know you guys will be in top form,
Drink and play music so the rangers hear it,
And know the whole family is with you in spirit!

Next Rumplefest we will all be together,
And welcome babies from Rob and Abbey….Brandon and Debbie….and Mitch and Heather,
But this year for me drink an extra brew,
I love you all my RumpleCrew!

Cheers Campers!


The night is upon us, it’s Rumplefest Eve,

Cram the booze in the cars and get ready to leave,

We roll from Illinois in the black of the morning,
And infiltrate Door County without even a warning.

The forecast is rough but I have a hunch,

This group will flourish, we’re a hearty bunch,

Blue World will make us feel at home,
So put on a smile and give in to the Gnome!

This year the Elders might flip their lids,

While having to watch seven Rumplekids,

They’ll be running all over Oh Mama Mia,
But we are excited to welcome Rocco, Sunny and Sophia!

Dean will be loving the hiking and snacking,

And Parker and Mack with enjoy their backpacking,

The youngins will help keep all of us jolly,
Especially the smile on cute baby Ollie!

Mini Golf, Death Marches, and Pumpkin Fest,

Star gazing to give your mind a rest,

Apple Orchards and go carting it never gets old,
I’ll be sure to bring the putter made of Gold!

The time is here, the fest is now,

If you don’t know I’ll tell you how,

Just crack a drink and down the hatch,

Its time to earn your RumplePatch!


Get a good night’s sleep and pack up the car,
We’re going to party but not to the bar,
So get ready campers it’s your time to shine,
Welcome everybody to Rumplefest 9!

This year we are eating from the Stanovich Family Cookbook,
We will use the Dutch Oven, don’t forget the hook,
Food is a priority but who are we kidding y’all,
Everyone looks forward to the picnic table full of alcohol!

When we last got together we were in suits and dresses,
This weekend we will wake up as hungover messes,
Some people think tent camping couldn’t be grosser,
But it only brings this family closer.

An Elder has moved to that big campground in the sky,
But he lives on in our hearts, no need to say bye,
Remember him as you grab a drink for your Koozie,
Tobin will be there in spirit, riding his Moto Guzzi.

Columbus Day weekend is finally here,
So gather some wood and crack a beer,
No more practicing this is the real test,
Be at your best folks, this is Rumplefest!


The sun sets over the horizon,
And will rise on a world without Verizon.
Jeanne will pack an entire car load,
And before the sun rises they’ll hit the road.
The Rumplers will travel up to door county,
Jason will bring rum, a serious bounty.
There may be some weather we start to fear,
We need a shelter that Tobin and Zack will engineer.
Brandon has dibs on the Spotted Cow,
Morgan and Alex are bound to disappear somehow.
Luke will remind people the shops are awesome,
And Karen and Michelle will say they already saw some.
Dawn and Matt are back for more,
And Allie and Kevin will make breakfast galore.
This year hopefully Kara won’t have her nose in a book,
And Deborah is definitely no longer a rook.
If the wildlife causes trouble we know how we’ll fare,
Benjamin‘s got it covered by screaming Yo Bear!
It’s a family reunion that we all call camping,
Except for Teri, she goes glamping.
Abbey and Robert will surely be missed,
And for not being there you get cat hissed! 😸
We’ll all chop wood like we are Ron Swansons,
Mitchell will take Heather to eat at Al Johnson’s.
Get ready campers it’s that time of year,
Another magical Rumplefest is here!


It’s that time of the year,
Pack your beer, Rumplefest is here,
For an entire year we have planned,
It’s a miracle we have not yet been banned,
From the woods of Peninsula State Park,
Where only dogs with wheels bark,
We drink liquor so our throats don’t parch,
Then we wake up and hike the Death March,
The food we eat would make foodies drool,
Made by a chef trained in culinary school,
Out in the forest there are no strangers,
And we are seemingly immune from all the park rangers,
This year will be chilly, hell it’s never hot,
No need to fear just rip a fireball shot,
So zip up your hoodies and may your form be at it’s best,
Grip It and Rip it campers, ITS RUMPLEFEST!!!!


Once a year, there comes a time, where boys become men, girls become women. A time when wood is struck with an axe and pumpkins are carved over shots of whiskey. Where bond fires loom tall, taller than park rangers. Rotisserie chickens, paella, porchetta and……walking tacos? This weekend is not for the meek or timid. The keg of Spotted Cow and the sting of peppermint schnapps demand the best of all of us. T’is tome for Rumplefest. Unite Rumplers, for this is our weekend! Happy Rumplefest Campers! Let the festivities begin!!!